Bring your infrastructure under control

Infrastructor is an open source server provisioning tool written in Groovy 
Provides a DSL on top of Groovy programming language to describe, manage and provision servers. All Groovy features can be used: loops, conditions, closures, Java libraries, etc.
Infrastructor gives a lot of freedom of code organization. There is no predefined directory structure you need to follow. So you can adopt it for your needs.
Infrastructor supports encryption and decryption of configuration files and templates to let you keep sensitive data under source control. 
There is no need to install any additional packages on target hosts. Infrastructor uses SSH protocol to connect to a host and run provisioning commands. 
Although Infrastructor comes with a rich set of predefined actions there is a simple way to extend it with your own ones. No need to rebuild Infrastructor sources to compile your library.
Infrastructor can be run anywhere where Java Virtual Machine is installed.